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Union Special

Bag Feed-In Device
Trimming & Taping
Rust Resistant


  • About Machine

    Union Special VN-FBS29905A

    Bag Feed-In Device

    Rust-Protected Bag Feed-In Device with Frequency Controlled Speed, Long Parallel

    Rust protected chain and ball bearing.

    (Not Acid or Lye Resistant)

    For use with Union Special BC200, BCE200 Series.

    The pre-spread paper, HDPE-foil or woven PP bag is fed into the sewing machine.

    Rubber coated conveying chains to protect the bag material.

    Depending of the length of the bag, the seam can be in a depth of up to 1200 mm from the top edge ot the bag, normally 30-40 mm.

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  • Specification

    Machine Specifications


    80800R, 80800RD, 80800RDL, 80800RDLM, 80800RL, 80800RLM, 80800S, 80800SL, 80800SLB, 80800SLM, BC211P15-1, BC211P15-1NZ4061, BC211P16-1A, BC211P16-1AZ4061, BC211P16-1B, BC211P16-1M, BC211P16-1MZ4061, BC211PD26-2M, BCE211P15-1, BCE211P16-1A, BCE211P16-1B, BCE211P16-1M, BCE211PD26-2M, BCE291P16-1M