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Union Special

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Belt Type Conveyor 4m
IP.55 Protection

  • About Machine

    Union Special 91605G4.00

    Conveyor for Bag Closing Systems

    Belt-type conveyor, 4.00m distance between centers.

    The conveyor is equipped with a two-ply, oil resistant conveyor belt.

    Width of belt 400 mm, total conveyor belt width 470mm, across motor 830mm. Height of the conveyor belt body 125mm.

    The complete conveyor belt is adjustable in height, ground clearance 140 to 200mm. Length overall: distance between centers plus 125mm.

    Standard voltage for motors: 220-240, 380-415V, three-phase, 50Hz / 243-277, 420-480V, three-phase, 60 Hz.

    Degree of protection: IP 55. Insulation class: F. Driven by gear motor 0.55 kW (depending on conveyor length), chain drive covered by protective guard.

    On the rear a height and width adjustable bag-guide rail is mounted. The conveyor speed depends on the conditions at site and the desired production (7.2, 9.5, 12.5, 14.3, 16.5 and 18m/min.).

    Standard speed: 9.5m/min.

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  • Specification

    Machine Specifications


    20600BBC, 20600BEBC, 20600EBC, 20600EEBC, 20600FBC, 20600FEBC, 20600HBC, 20600HDBC, 20600HEBC, 20600TBC, 20600TDBC, 20651EA, 20800HEBC-M